He's stopped talking to me again. What did I do wrong?

Me and this guy have talked on and off for about 3 months now. The first time we talk for awhile, everything was good ..and then he quit talking to me out of nowhere. About 3 weeks later, he messaged me saying he was sorry, he cared, and he wanted another chance. Of course he got it. Everything was going great ..we doing so good. But he's stopped talking to me again. He won't answer calls, text, messages ..nothing. What did I do to deserve this? I don't get it.


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  • Girl,i know exactly what you are going through..Some mutual friends introduced me to this wonderful guy that I really liked..He was everything that I ever wanted in a guy..great personality, very handsome,shy, a little chubby but that din`t really matter to me..i just loved him the way he was..So apparently three weeks after I met him,he fought with one of the guys who introduced me to him,(they work together) so he stopped talkin to me and that guy..that seemed so strange..so two months later he apologized and worked things out. Everything was going well then his grandmother passed away in June then he suddenly stopped talkin to me again..i really don`t understand because I was there for him during that hard time and he just went quiet..Its been nine months now and I still don`t know what I did wrong..I tried calling and texting but he did not respond..Ive tried dating other people but I can`t seem to get him out my mind..i think about him every single day but I can't get through to him..it sucks...i`m so devasted.. Sometimes I feel like there's hope and he will come back...life can be very strange at times...

  • this happened to me with my now-ex. we dated for a month and he randomly stopped talking to me. a couple weeks later he came back to me saying how sorry he was and that he only cares for me, ect. we dated for 5 months after that but it turns out he was just another scumbag and was lying about a lot of things.

    all the stories I hear of guys who leave and come back like our situations usually are just because the guy isn't 100% interested. me and my ex broke up because he tried finding other girls but couldn't and I was second pick. it might be the same for you.


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