He doesn't know that I know he's cheating?

So this guy texts me all the time and says some pretty dirty things and acts like he doesn't have a girlfriend when I know he does. He'll even go as far as saying he might want a relationship soon but I know it's bs because his friends tell me they're together. He's a junior and she's a freshman in college and he cheats all the time.


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  • So what are you doing still talking to him...?

    • I don't go along with it but I want a good way to be like HA f*** you Iknow everything and tell his girlfriend what a scum bag he is

    • Is that really necessary ? Yea, the guy's an a-hole and, but that's really between him and his girlfriend. She might even know what's going on or she might come after you [ girls are crazy/delusional sometimes... ]. You never know. That's why I would just say my peace to him and keep it moving.

  • UMM hello! tell that a hole to f*ck off!

    once a cheater, always a cheater.

    • Part of my plan:) I just need something good to carry it out but the simplicicty might be easiest

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