Why did my ex send me this message after I have a new boyfriend?

I just have a new boyfriend and once he knew he sent me a message on facebook saying that Congratulations he is happy for me and he has to say it hurts more than he thought. Previously I tried so hard to get back with him and he didn't want to. I don't know what he is trying to do.


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  • Potential answers:

    1) He was trying to guilt trip you (I call this: "Pulling on the heart strings" to keep you from forgetting about him)

    2) He is sincere and it really did hurt him, but he is sincerely happy that you found someone that you are happy with.

    3) Now that he sees you happy, he feels alone.

    etc etc

    My guess -> He was being sincere. Why would a guy waste his time saying how it hurt him? If he was so focused on keeping you in his life, he would have been talking to you LONG before you had a guy of interest in your life (trying to keep your interacting with him, but just at enough length to where you both don't hook-up).. etc.. So, yeah.. My answer says that he was speaking from the heart and that he "is" hurting. You don't need to respond to him; if you DO feel the need to do so, just say: "Thank you" -> He can deal with his own pain, that's not your area anymore (seeing as you aren't currently dating him)

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • maybe he's just getting closure


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