Why was he acting this way?

Me and my ex dated for 1 yr. 3 months. We broke up in July. The next week I find out he's got a girlfriend but they only date for a day then breakup. 2 days went by and I find out he's got a different girl this time yet they break up after a week together, then he went back to the first girl and yet he's back with the 2nd girl again. About a 3 months ago me and his girlfriend started talking, well previously 2 months ago I just wanted to know how he is doing. Well he took it wrong and told her I was flirting, yet I told her all that I said to him and she didn't believe me..After that he's been rude and hateful to me and even if Id try to talk to either one of them they bitch at me. why are they acting like this too me?


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  • he's petty and immature. just leave it


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  • My question is, why are you even concerning yourself about him? You two obviously weren't on any kind of talking terms. So, why not just leave it be, and move on? You're getting yourself into a situation that shouldn't really be an issue in itself.

    • I did move on I'm just wondering why their saying hateful stuff to me.

    • They're being that way because they have nothing better to do. And obviously their relationship has hit a stale point to where they need to entertain themselves with moronic things as such.

    • Yeah, thanks for the help also :)

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  • He's your ex. Stay out of his personal life. You have no right to be involved and talking to his current girlfriend.

    • Alright but the thing is he will send a e-mail or something but says hateful crap in it? But I've been out of his life since him and his girlfriend acted that way. I just delete the e-mail and forget he never sent it.

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    • You're welcome. Don't bother trying to figure out why he's immature. Just be glad that you aren't with him anymore and move on.

    • Oh I deffinly won't ha ha and I ammm really glad!

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