To pursue a relationship or let it go?

there is this girl that I liked, but we rarely ever meet. but she knows I like her.

We met once in November when it was at a friends birthday hangout at a mall. She told me to talk to her more online since that was pretty much our only form of communication. I started to converse with her more about two weeks later, our conversation ends pretty quickly. over time, I was getting dissatisfied with it well not having any communication with her.

right around school break, I felt liked I was going to give up on her and move on but then afterward, I talked to my friends and decided I wasn't going to give up and give one more push at it and got serious about it. so during the break I mention that we should hang out, and she said we should but once it actually came time to decide when we should hang out she would say she was busy, I would understand since it was kind of last minute thing, and all the other days that was available was idk. but it eventually came down to her last day, which she mention after I said I was busy and be free the following week. she said she might be doing her hw that day. because after that school starts for her again. I ask her if she was OK with that because I worried, that day was for her to do hw. she it was OK and that she procrastinate. so about 5 days before her status mentions that she wanted to do her hw. but a couple of days later she text at 1am(it was new years) that she was busy, and then she said sorry. I really didn't know what to think because I don't know if the feelings were mutual or it wasn't. our conversation I would always say a lot to try to keep things interesting but her vague/usual reply really shortens it. sometimes she express concerns.

but her status makes me wonder if she has another guy in it for her, because she was the only one I was thinking about, and then made it obvious that I was going after her. her status screws me over because then she talks about a boyfriend but I don't know if she is talking about her boyfriend, a book, me, or a friends boyfriend. (she likes to read)

cuz I was thinking about giving up on her when if she didn't really want to hang out with me, which is what it ended at.

so I was really depress about it because I really liked her and didn't want to give up but I knew that once school starts for me, I know I'm not going to have time for find a relationship. I've always been dense about this stuff so I always seem to take the wrong turn on these things or at least take the most negative way.

sorry it so long

should I continue to pursue after her and try to make a relationship out of it, or let it go and move on. because I know I'm not really wanting to wait anymore, I've done that a lot and it hurts being the fool. because I don't know if I'm being led on but I have been led on and used before, and my infatuation makes it kinda hard to avoid. nowadays her status is about excuses? I haven't talk to her since she said she was "busy so she can't hang out with me"


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  • Let it go. You said that she pretty much told you to talk to her online.But then when you do talk to her,she gives short responses.Everytime you want to hang out with her,she says,"She's busy". And she speaks of a boyfriend?I didn't really get that whole part of your story.All I know is that everything she is saying and doing points to the fact that she is probably not that interested in you,but she's not going to tell you that.But she sure is showing it. Your friends want to be encouraging but you should move your interests else where. SERIOUSLY. Good Luck! Faith*


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