Ex said she doesn't love me but today she called all jealous and mad. What do I do? Yes I love her. please help

my ex told me on Monday she didn't love me, I showed up to her work w flowers (I know stupid idea) then she asked me to meet her at 645 so I did I got into her car she said Blake I don't love you anymore so I was like wtf! I started to get out of the car she grabbed my arm and said I have to respect her decision I said I did I dropped the flowers on the ground because she said she didn't want them, although she ended up taking them because I drove back by 5 min later ha. anyways fast forward to Sunday she called all pissed off because I have been hanging out w other girls and she told me other guys like her but she isn't ready to move on yet, I talked to her for 10 min or so, she said she was sad and didn't know y, I told her I'm not stupid and I know that she loves me still she was silent then said we still need to go on a break I agreed. do I continue to act like I don't like her? do I tell her I love her and listen to her say she doesn't just like I did on Monday? I've been acting like everything is fine in my life and trying to stay positive but inside I'm destroyed I've loved her for two years, I don't wanna lose her now so please help me! thanks a lot also 3 weeks ago this sh*t happened and I ignored her for a week and she came around but this time I don't know :(


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  • In my opinion you need to NOT talk to her for about two weeks. No contact, no driving by where she might be, no taking her flowers, nothing. She needs to see what its like to MISS you as much as you miss her. Right now you are letting HER call all the shots and, even coming from a girl such as myself, that's not the way to win a girls' heart. You need to show some self-respect and then she will melt into your arms. Trust me.

    If she calls don't answer. If she comes to where you live don't go to the door. Then after about two weeks she will NEVER take you for granted again. If you love her you need to let her go for awaile and see what happens.

    She sounds very confused to me because she keeps changing her mind - but people do what works and this, on whatever level, is working for her.

    If you show her that you won't be played and be at her beck and call then she will be forced to make up her mind and then you will know FOR SURE what she wants and what she doesnt.

    Good luck!

    • thankyou for all the advise everyone, my grandpa died of a heart attack yesterday so she has been asking me how I am and stuff I told her I'm OK and she said she's stressed out and I said you should be happy you almost done with school, she said I am happy then I said good. about 20n min later she sent me another text saying I miss you.. I don't know what to do guys, I never texted back any ideas?

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  • Taking a brake means no contact so give each other space, if your meant to be all will come together soon after you have took some air to clear both your heads and figgured out if you really do want to be with each other. Just chill and have fun in the mean time :).

  • Just give her and yourself some space. She asked for a break so give her one. Don't contact her until she contacts you and if she gets upset about you spending time with other girls, well that's all part of a break up so if she wants to let you go, she has to accept that means you dating other girls.


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  • You're doing it all wrong, buddy. You still have a chance with her but you kind of dug yourself into a hole.. This girl can turn it around for you => link but you need to act fast before she meets someone new. And remember, give her space for now because you only have one shot at a second chance.


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