He ditched me for my sister. Like what the hell ?!

So awhile ago, I was with my best friend who had liked me for a really long time. So being that I was single at the time, and I had decided that I would give him a shot. Now I never saw any signs of him being awful to the previous girls that he was with, and actually I saw everything but. He seemed perfect. And it was, up until before Christmas, when him and I got into a fight because we were supposed to be going out for supper, and he ditched me for my sister. I was pretty upset, and then found out that he had been drinking, and left out of town to his grandmothers, with out telling me and I worried about him all night. The next day he called me, just to get into another fight that night. He didn't talk to me for 4 days, then he broke up with me. I didn't understand. Still don't. And then about a week ago I found out that he was cheating on me the ever since the first fight we got into with my sister. She's 3 years younger then us. And I don't understand why she's still with him..


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  • that's some jerry springer sh*t.

    that guy is so shady and you seriously need to not waste anymore brain power trying to understand him. What you should be concerned about is why your sister would betray you like that and let her know that if she was "other woman" it's not long before she's getting cheated on.


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  • You're the prettier sister right? I think he's trying to get you pissed off for some reason.


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