If you have to break up despite the fact that you still love him/her?

Asked this before but no bites. Maybe my wordings was the problem so let me paraphrase the question:

If you have to break up despite the fact that you still love him/her, what would be the reason(s) for you to not only break up but also cut all communication?

It will be more helpful if the reasons are not very obvious like violence or abuse.

Jesus! I was ready to assume the worst of her but seeing the responses...

Thank you!
Thanks y'all for the wonderful feedback (Ordeal47, hope you feel better over time-Time is the only thing that will heal all wounds). I am moving on I just think that for people in their 40's the no talking thing is just a bit juvenile unless
there is something drastic. This is I am not aware of. I didn't turned psycho when she decided to go on separate ways, so I don't have a clue... At middle age, we should expect to just say, "Too bad, we don't click, see you later!" and that's just that


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  • Here's my story. I met a girl online that was from the same state of me. Because of our ages, our parents wouldn't let us see each other - it was pretty damn hard to not see her when she was just about an hour's drive away. Anyways, after 9 months, she decided to break up with me because I was smothering her. During the break up, she kept saying really back-and-forth things. From, "I love you." to "I hate you." to "I need you in my life." to "I never want to talk to you again." ... so you could understand why my head was and still is spinning. BUT, to answer your QUESTION, I think her reasons for wanting to break up were, for one thing, like I said, me smothering her - which could have easily been solved if she had told me before it was too late - our constant arguing, my jealousy, - although she was jealous too - and the distance. I guess she wanted someone there, even though she's single. It has only been about two weeks though.

    Too long, didn't read version: Not given enough space, not ready for commitment, arguing, jealousy, getting a feeling he/she just isn't the right person for you in particular.

    Hope I helped.


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  • Distance is my thing. I'm in Australia for another 8 months he's still back home, it's easier for him to get over me and move on if there's no communication. I couldn't stand making him wait for me, as much as I wanted him to. I didn't think it was fair...

  • If the guy was not compatible or you wound each other up. If you feel held back by them or if you found someone new. If they don't tick your boxes and your left with a sense of lack. That's when you realize to let them free and find someone who will love them.


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  • Lost of trust. Also if you committed lousy/ lack of confidence behaviors to try to get her back. Women hate that if I am correct. You can get the communication back, you just have to BACK OFF for a while and move on. If you can do that, she will eventually heal and wonder how you are doing.

    For some women, it is easier to cut you off if she has a new man in her life. If you still love her, that's cool, but in time you HAVE to be able to move on so you can be happy with yourself again and date other people. If your focus is on her and only her even after the break up, you are STUCK. You need to take some time to be with yourself and get your power and confidence back so you can move on. When you are able to move on and you back off, you will feel better.

    I made mistakes with my ex when she broke up with me. I did the calls when she said don't call, texts when I shouldn't have, emails. She blocked my emails, unfriend me from facebook, but I still have my text privelage because she is testing me to see how well I handle the break up and her new boyfriend.


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