How will I forget him?

by just ignoring

or forget that we loved each other and be just friends


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  • Here's the thing you have to consider... you can't do something your emotionally not ready for. I get along with every single one of exes but two. For most of my exes we were just normal boyfriend/girlfriend and having fun, however, there are two who to this day are still my very best friends and I get along with them like the guy said... famously. These two were really great relationships and they ended on really good terms. However, the two I don't get along with and I don't want to speak to are two who have done me wrong. So here's the thing with exes you can get along with them if you always treated each other with respect throughout the entire relationship even at the end and you ended on good terms meaning that the break up was with good intention and no one was out to hurt the other person. Ask yourself this, do you want this person in your life? if the honest answer is yes, then firstly get over them and let your emotions play out. Then, when you think you can be a friend without being jealous or insecure or any of the negatives then try to be friends with this person. If the answer is no, then take what you learned and move on...

    Also, another key thing here is you're never going to forget someone you cared about unless you suffer a brain injury (which I don't want you to at all!... knock on wood) but, can you get over them? yes. will you forget them? no. because at some point in your relationship you got along, you had fun, you laughed, you cared and you obviously still do so here's the thing change your attitude towards it. heartbreaks suck! and they hurt like hell and sometimes you can't get out of bed and sometimes you get along just fine but here's the thing... you lived okay and well before them and you'll live just fine without them. No matter what you'll always be okay. So forgetting them its not gonna happen especially if you loved them, but moving on and being okay you will be just fine.

    Just remember the key is, time and realizing what you had with this person and more importantly taking the good with and leaving the bad in the past. Good luck! It will be okay I know it will!


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  • I get on famously with my ex, but there's really no easy way, I think. Just time, and a bit of casual chatting now and then. Treat your ex like any other guy, and in the end he'll be just another guy, but you probably have to have patience. Sorry, luv.


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  • It's very hard to try and forget somebody who at one point may have meant the world to you and you to him. But I have done this. I just get caught up in what I am in..for me, it was college..and I had known change needed to happen long before it ended, so I just let it go before and after it happened, it didn't plague me and I could just move on with my life as I needed to.


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