How to chase my ex back?!?!

Hi all,

I've been in a relationship with a great guy for about 5 months. Things weren't that great because he had problems getting over the fact that I had someone else before him and why I stayed on with the guy even though he was a jerk. It kinda affected our relationship and not all was smooth sailing. That aside, I've done a couple of things to hurt him i.e. lied to him, doing things behind his back and talking crap to other guys. Despite all that, he forgave me and came back to me. This time round, I was whatsapping a guy comparing my ex's height and his, complaining that he wasn't tall enough for me. It was the last straw for him and he broke up with me on the sport. I admit that I did not appreciate him enough and now I know how much I want him back. Despite us being broken up, we're still seeing each other and doing couply stuff. I'm trying to chase him back but it is so difficult and each time I ask for him back, he says he still loves me but he's scared to get hurt again. How should I gain his trust back and win him back as my boyfriend again?


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  • Yea, you were kind of tough on him.. at least you admit your mistakes. How often do you see him?

    • I see him almost everyday and we're still doing stuff that we did when we were together as a couple. We are just confused everyday about what we are doing. Please advise! Thank you!

    • You think he might be pressuring him too much?

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