Is he over me or just stubborn?

My ex and I broke up about a month ago after dating for 3 years. He said he didn't think I knew what I wanted and maybe we should take some time away to figure things out. I didn't hear from him for a while so I just decided things were over and haven't heard from him. I am really unsure how I feel about this. He hasn't contacted me either. I thought maybe he would need time to realize what he had because he said he loved me but was not in love with me. I guess this means he really doesn't?


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  • i hope you haven't tried to contact him at all, do you love him btw?

    u need to know if you want him back or not.. if you do, DO NOT contact him at all, he will eventually wonder how uve been and he;ll call u, (it'll take about a month) when he eventually calls you and you pick up make sure you sound busy, tell him ull talk to him later and hang up, make the conversation as short as possible, tell him you have something interesting to tell him when he calls, he'd be dieing to know. make something up, its OK to lie abouut that... goodluck!

    contact me if you need to know more...

    • I do, but we have done a long distant relationship for a year after living together for two. Its been really tough and I see him maybe two days out of a month. I tried talking to him about it and he doesn't want to try and move closer. I thought I could be okay with the long distance, but I'm not. I haven't contacted him and do not plan on it. Thank you for the feedback

    • ya I know what your going through.. it is really tough but we've all been there, and this stuff only makes us stronger, so I hope it makes you stronger and makes you realize he isn't worth it.. I have been through so much (my 6 year relationship ended 3 months ago) but I've moved on, and already seeing someone else! follow the steps I gave you previously and ull be fine. until then put everything that reminds you of him away, focus on yourself and wishing you the best of luck.. I'm here whenever you need me! :)

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  • He's definitely not over you yet


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  • I think you should take this time to focus on yourself and that means forgetting about him

    • Yep trying to do so, but a little harder then I thought.

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