How to win a girl over?

so basically I think this girl originally kind of liked me at the start of this semester (September) and by the middle to end of October I just kept saying and doing stupid things sort of in an attempt to impress her although I am kind of stupid but not as much as I put on. I really want to know how to just get a second chance, now she barley talks to me so how can I win her over? I'm really bad at flirting and talking to girls in general because I really do care about her, but I'm sure she just thinks I'm an idiot right now.


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  • just restart everything lol. start talking to her, either on chat/text or in person (whichever you feel most comfortable with). ask her how she's been. tell her you missed her or something to the sort. maybe apologize for your previous actions/comments. just start off on a clean slate. everyone deserves a second chance. hope this helped :)


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  • well it's hard to say because I really don't know how she acts around you. if you have classes with her then you could at least smile at her when you see her. saying funny things is always nice, make her SMILE! text her sometimes and start a conversation, but it should be obvious if she's not into you AT ALL anymore so give it a rest if the signs are there. annoying her won't do any good.

    • ive made her smile a few times, I occasionally text her but I don't want to be "creepy" as you guys put it, she used to act cordial towards me now it seems a little more kind of (it feels like) trying to ignore me

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    • thats the thing, I don't think she will I think I scared her off, I want to sort of reverse that, how do I get her to see I'm not an asshole and I'm a nice guy under everything?

    • commpliments! :D to her and other people :D

  • Try another attempt at being sweet and kind

    Initiate a little conversation or something


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