When does texting a guy just get annoying?

I generally tend to send a quick hello to the guy I like about once a week, depending. Is this appropriate? I want to let him know I like him, but I also don't want to do all the work either.

Not to mention, I don't want to flat out be annoying.

Thanks in advance! :)


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  • Once a week is fine, hell I'd opt for a few times a week. Attention from a girl is very rarely annoying lol. Honestly if you want him then I think you should do more to let him know you're interested. Maybe try suggesting a get together? You know, the whole "me and a few friends are going to catch a movie tomorrow, are you free?" - he should start getting idea after that.

    That was a bit off topic, but anyways if I were getting a once a week text from someone, then I would assume she was just being friendly. Maybe that's just me though...


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  • I am very curious about this too!

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