Letter to an ex - should I send it?

I don't know if I want to send it or not but here it is

Hey just wanted to let you know I agree to the break up along time ago but was unable to tell you the day of the break up. I gave you a commitment that you could not possibly keep up with. I do not blame you or I for the break up. We both know that basketball, your family, school, and friends is enough already and I don't want to take any of that away from you.. People enter and exit our lives but each one has a lesson for us. Everything happens for a reason and I would not back our time spent together. You taught me a lot and I'm thankful for that. Please don't think I'm mad at you. Hope your doing well take care.

Feel free to edit or give suggestions. Also should I send it.


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  • Sounds matter of fact and respectful :) I don't think you NEED to send it, but I definitely know what it feels like to want to send a closure letter. Anyway this sends the right message, and would be good enough if you feel you need to send it. Sorry about the break up man :( Everything will be OK soon enough though, and it sounds like you're already most of the way there!

    • Yeah she broke up with me in mid november and I have kept no contact with her we go to the same college and say hi to each other but that's it but I do want to send the letter to her. Should I email it to her? my handwriting sucks lol

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  • Are you trying to get her back by sending this? Or is it just for closure?

    • Well my mom tells me to let go. She was my first love I would love for us to get back together but I don't know if that will happen. I have kept no contact since the breakup happened in mid november we are both college freshmen and we say hi in the halls but that's it.

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    • tch up in the future and e) wish them well

      So sounds like you're doing pretty well.

    • I think I will wait awhile till I know its over. It is but till I know we are not going to get back together.

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  • Dont say anything. Your trying to make her feel bad, forget her, in jay-z's words " Onto the next one"

  • its perfect. shorter the better. send it. and fix error before "back our time" put the word take.

    send it and let us know what happens.


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