Will he ever come back to me?

Hello everyone!

Well here is my history:

I have been dating my ex-boyfriend for 1 year. 6 months into it, he broke up with me because he didn't want to be in a relationship. He told me I can't change the way he lives and that we will never go out again. We kept on having sex for 2 months until he broke it off completely because "he didn't want to hurt me emotionally no more". Then, I ignored him for only a week and he came back crying to me saying that he wanted to be in a relationship again because I was the perfect girl and that he misses me. Then, we went out again for 6 months and 1 month ago he did the same thing! Except that this time there is no intimate contact. He continued saying that he doesn't like the relationship stuff, but that I was the perfect girlfriend and that he couldn't ask for more (ie. id let him go out with whoever he wanted, no questions give him his space and only saw him twice a week (except for work because we work together ugh.)) Before me, he only had relationships that lasted like 1 month and he still wants to be my friend, but I still miss him like crazy and apparently he keeps on looking at me at work. He really wants to be my friend and to talk to me but he told me it would never work out between us. I keep on ignoring him and when he wished me happy holidays on 2 different occasions at work I completely walked away and ignored him.

(ps, I'm 20 and he's 25)

So basically my question is with all of that do you think he would ever come back to me again and want to be in a relationship? And how should I act for him to realize that he truly made a mistake? I'm not going to wait around forever though and I'm going to enjoy my single life but there's something about him that makes me really want to be with him again

thank you all for your time:)

Should I continue ignoring him? talk to him? tell him I miss him?


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  • This is hard because I don't know the background. However from what you have told me it looks like he wants to be "friends" whether that is sexual wise or not his intentions may be hidden. Whatever you do don't let him think he can come to you do as he pleases than leave. Keep your head up high girl, you miss him now but things will get better !

    • thanks..and he wants to be friends now but not sexual wise

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    • Do you think after this he will want to come back with me?

    • I think once he sees that you are slowly moving on he will ... my ex just contacted me 2 years after we broke up to "meet up" once he matures and sees what its like fully without you he will contact you !

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  • From your message it looks, your are in real love with him and you should give final try to keep this relationship going. It looks he is sort of confused with what he wants. Try talking to him, be good to him(so that the door is open for him to come back if he wants). I am sure he will come back.

    • The first time I got him back was by ignoring him for a week...should I just continue ignoring him then and wait until he feels he wants me back? if I start saying hi occasionally won't it show that I'm kinda weak and desperate to want him back? and he also told me the day he regrets breaking up with me he would call me to show me the pain he is going through to "make me feel better"

    • if you really need him, talk to him & tell him that if he repeats the same again, you would leave him for ever. The game of break-up & re-union will spoil the relationship.

  • talk to him


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  • i say you ignore him for a while, maybe even a few months. make him realize his mistake and if he really wants you make him prove it.

    he has to know that this time it isn't going to be like the last time.

    once he seems sincere and IF you still want to be with him then I guess you should take him back


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