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Hello, this if my first question that I have ever asked.

I am 22 years old. I have dated my girlfriend for the better part of a year now. She is the absolute love of my life and she has said the same to me as well. Her and I had actually previously dated about a year and a half ago but she wound up getting back with her ex and I got back with mine. Long story short we both weren't happy with the exes and got together again. Everything has been awesome ever since. When her and I first started dating again her ex would text her late at night and she wouldn't answer. This happened 3 or 4 times and he stopped. Well recently he texted her again late at night and she responded because he asked her when she was going to come visit him and she responded that she had a boyfriend and that wouldn't be happening. He texted her one other time while I was there and she ignored it.

She has been completely honest about everything but I just can't help but feel uneasy. Basically all I'm looking for is for someone to tell me that I'm not crazy for feeling uneasy and hopefully all this worrying is for nothing.

Thank you for your time!



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  • I think you need to relax and allow things to happen as they should and will.

    Both of you experienced being with your exes for another time around, and neither of you were successful. Think about it, exes are exes for a reason, right?

    Although he texts her and still wants to be a part of her life and would love to see her, doesn't mean she is open to the idea. She has given him another chance and he blew it. She has already seen what it would be like to get back with him, it didn't work, and now she's giving you two another chance again. Just because she was with him before, does not mean she wants to relive it again. You were with your ex for a period of time again and you two broke up as well, does it mean you want to be with her as well? I doubt it. I'm sure she feels the same.

    Actions speak much louder than words. She has continuously ignored his messages and has politely turned him down. I'm sure the fact that he repeatedly has asked her to hang out in the middle of the night shows her that she was right about her relationship with him- immature and rude.

    Love her as though you have never been hurt before. You need to forgive her for her past. You may not have to forget, but at least give her the benefit of the doubt. She is with YOU now. Love her more than you ever loved her before. Give her something you two didn't have before- maybe bring spice and forget the past. Move on and be the boyfriend she has always wanted. Take her on adventurous dates- rock climbing to a secluded spot to have a picnic. Take her horseback riding or join a gym together. Do things that you didn't before and allow your relationship to expand- become more beautiful than before. Embrace your lives together and stop living in the past.

    If you let someone you love go and they come back, they were meant to be yours.


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  • You are going to feel this way throughout this relaitonship.Even though your gf's ex stops talking to her and the only way is to trust her. To be honest, you guys are each others' rebound and that is not a good way to start a relationship.

  • be mature & trust your girlfriend, don't take any crap

  • if your girlfriend is honest I think you should show her you appreciate that and she will keep doing it for you. nothing to worry


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