Why isn't he asking me to stay or come back soon?

I have to move to the other side of the world for a job. My guy says he'll miss me, but he doesn't ask me to stay. I could come back or move permanently. He also hasn't said please come back. My flight is in two weeks. What do you think? Does he not love me?


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  • Depends on the guy, I should say.

    Perhaps he knows that you going to your job would be best. A once in a life opportunity, and etc etc. I don't know the specifics of the situation so I could be completely off here.

    I should say, either he doesn't love you or he doesn't want to be a burden to you for your future job.

    Not to accuse you of anything (as once again, I'm unfamiliar of the situation) but perhaps the way you brought about the fact that you're moving away for a job put him off? I've seen many high schoolers break up because one of them applied to a far away school "without the others' consent". How much have you two spoken about this job offer?

    • I think he doesn't love me. It's kinda becoming clear to me now.

      When he's with me, he is very affectionate and very caring and he tells me that he really loves me, but I'm counting down the days now and he doesn't even care if he sees me again before I leave (or ever, cause I don't know if I'll be coming back). He says he's just got sh*t to do and it's important, but it's like he needs to clean his house. Really? cleaning your house is so important that you'd rather miss seeing me again?

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    • not sure what you're trying to say

    • You still haven't answered my question here. How exactly did you approach the subject when you first told him? How soon did you tell him? Did you mention you'd apply to this job, or did you do it behind his back?

  • If he would ask you to stay would you?

    • Yes.

    • Maybe he thinks that you made up your mind and that nothin he will say to you will change that. I went through this with a girl I really love I dint ask her to stay cause I knew shed made her mind up

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