My ex boyfriend is going to be away for 15 more months! should I give up?

okay, long story semi short... I dated this guy for 3 1/2 years I was his first real relationship and you could say he was mine. After about the 2nd year we had some problems not because of him, but me I did some things I'm not proud of let me just state our age's at the time I was 16 he was 20. I cheated on him and treated him poorly which like before I'm not proud of but I was young and immature... with that said he still didn't give up on me wanted to work things out and loved me more than anything! before he left for school it had been about 9 months that we were separated,he still tried to be with me I just didn't want. well its been 9 months that he's been gone and I realized how much I'm in love with this man, and how stupid I had been to do such things to someone who cared so much about me and well, I've been constantly trying to get him back for these 9 months and it almost seems like his answers are getting worse at first it was I love you and want only you I just need a little time to get over all this your the one I'm going to end up with, to I want to try it again I just don't see it happening right now I don't trust you still, to now its I don't know if ill ever be able to get over this.. please help! I messed up so bad I know he still cares


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  • I had a very similar situation and I tried and tried.. She did too.. But in the end, the trust issues are still there as well as the love. If you guys can't work it out amongst all the rubble of the past, you won't last for very long.

    My advice -> Give him time and space but be an active person in his life; just stop trying to "win him over".. Just hang out with him and be who YOU are.. if he wants things to work out, he'll make it happen.. But seeing as he's the one with the issues there's not much you have control over that you could fix..

    In the mean time, just work on yourself and stop putting yourself in situations where you COULD cheat if you wanted to.. Stop believing in your will that you "wont cheat" and just don't let yourself venture into anything that could even "look like your cheating"... (Aka, if your going over to different guy's houses, stop! Go to the park instead)

    Hope it helps,

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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