What makes a guy decide to pick his ex girlfriend over a new love?

I'm curious, cause I see it all the time. A guy that has great dates with a girl.There's chemistry, they have the same things in common, and it lasts for a while. Then all of a sudden they decide to go back to their ex, even when there ex has cheated on them, their ex is mean to them, or they've been broken up with the ex for yrs.


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  • Sometimes people are scared to try new things and like the comfort of something they have known, even if its been damaged. If a person knows they don't have to fear rejection from a new person in their life, they will probably opt for the safer option. It doesn't seem right, but the person will hopefully learn what is wrong with their relationship with said ex and will someday learn to avoid it. Until then you're just going to have to find a guy ready to take the next step with a whole new person.

  • I'd like to know the answer to this one as well. I'm guessing comfort. Its easier to go back to what you already know, rather than taking a chance on something new. I would say maybe they didn't realize wha they had, but what did they really have when their EX is a cheater, treats them bad, etc. Sometimes its the challenge. Quite hard to say, looking forward to seeing the guys answer on this.


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