What do I do? I don't want to be in a FWB relationship.

We were good friends. We could tell each other things that we didn't tell others. I like(d) him too. Then he started to be like "I'm lonely but don't want a relationship." I knew he wanted to be friends with benefits with someone (I'm not sure if it was me or not) and that bothered me. For some reason, I'm really against FWB relationships. When I asked him if that's what he really wants, he said yeah. We didn't really get into a fight because he didn't protest to what I was saying but he could tell I was mad. In some ways I still want to remain friends but am afraid it'll just cause me more pain. Any advice?


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  • use your mouth, speak your mind and say no then. if a guy doesn't want to be in a relationship but he wants to have sex with you then he doesn't like you for you, he just wants that booty. start looking out for #1 because most of these guys don't give a damn about you except for what they can get. even if he is your "good friend", its not gonna be him that's gonna be hurt in the end if you had a FWB it would be you. so think about that.


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