Decided not to send the letter to ex girlfriend

My gut is just telling me not to but I want to send it to a good female friend who has helped me with the breakup. Here's the letter if you care to read it. should I send to friend who I know will not tell my ex Girlfriend I just need to tell someone who I know trust my feelings.

Hey just wanted to let you know I agreed to the break up a long time ago but was unable to tell you the day of the break up. I gave you a commitment that you could not possibly keep up with. I do not blame you or me for the break up. We both know that basketball, your family, school, and friends is enough already and I don't want to take any of that away from you. People enter and exit our lives but each one has a lesson for us. Everything happens for a reason and I would not take back our time spent together. You taught me a lot and I'm thankful for that. Please don't think I'm mad at you. Hope you’re doing well take care.


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  • Pray about it


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  • Uhmm you can send it & if you want her back just give her time & be strong :) .


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  • Hmmmm very interesting I mean do you still talk to her once in a while or has there not been any contact in general?

    • We go to the same college we say hi to each other but don't have conversations

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    • Well she had basketball and we both go to college so those two things are big commitments. But I would always hold her hand have my arm around her etc.

    • Hmmmm...very interesting. I mean its still weird though, I know she would have other things to do, just as much as you would have others things to do. If anything that's what makes a relashionship stronger knowing that you might not always be together because of other commitments. Nevertheless, when you are, both of you grow stronger and there's more trust than ever as the relashionship grows more and more. I really don't get these girls these days, and that's for certain.

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