I don't want to lose him. Please help! Is there anything else I can do?

No one is answering my other question but I really need an answer please help. My boyfriend broke up with me last month saying he couldn't be a good boyfriend cause he didn't have enough time for it to be fair for me or him and kept saying he needed space. But nothing has happened. I haven't been contacting him but he has contacted me about 5 different times. He knows how I feel because right when we broke up I sent him a letter explaining everything. I don't want to lose him I honestly think he is everything I have ever been looking for. Please is there anything else I can do other than wait?


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  • Honey you just have to give him space don't call him nothing just let him breath I tell you because it happened to me :/ , move on I'm not telling you to get another boyfriend but be happy have fun show him that your a strong girl just be patient give time to time let him miss you let him clear he's head let him see if he needs you in he's life so just have faith & be positive trust me I'm going through the same with my girlfriend she said she loves me but she's dealing with a lot so I gave her some space I don't know wats gnna happen but I have faith & I'm being positive :) just be postice , I hope I helped :) .


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  • as long as you gave him his own space to think everything through I think you should now have a good talk about everything. Let him know what you want in the relationship and ask him what he wants. Comprimise and communicate

  • Well, for the "little time" he has, let him have his space. Why is he still contacting you, have you asked him that? Is it because he still wants to be friends or is it because he's missing having you around? My ex boyfriend contacted me quite a lot after we broke up and I realized it was because he was missing having me around, and without actually being in a relationship with me, he was still in constant contact with me which I soon put a stop to.

    If he's sure that he doesn't want a relationship with you, then he needs to let go so that you can let go, too. You need to ask him exactly where you stand so that you can move on from here. I know it's difficult to deal with the thought of losing him, but you may realize one day that he did you a favour. If he cannot MAKE time for you, he isn't worth it imo.


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