How do I get him to not think I'm a psycho?

Lol. My ex broke up with me a couple weeks ago. Of course I miss him, but I don't want to try and get him back. I would like to be on good terms though. When he broke up with me, I kinda was harsh on him and swore and whatever. I apologized after. Even if we weren't good for each other as bf/gf, I think we would make good friends, because we always had a good time. But I sent him a message telling him id still like to be friends, but he just ignored me, then blocked me from AIM! ugh. seriously I'm not one of those psycho girls, but apparently he sees me that way. What's a way for him to see me as sane? just never talk to him again? write him a mature message? call him out on his actions? look hot in my profile pic on fb? ha


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  • If he broke up with you, its because he wants some space... so give him that. If you leave him alone and stop contacting him he will see you are capable of have a sane reaction to a break up.

  • You have to give him space. No matter if he broke up with you or you with have to give him time to heal. I know with my guy, we broke up and I thought he would NEVER talk to me again. But, I made sure that I stayed clear away from him (that means texts, facebook chat, IM, even your facebook statuses) and before I knew it, he came running back to me. I'm not saying it will be like this for everyone but I know guys don't like to feel pressured. So just give him 100% space and he will come back!


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