He heard from some people that I never liked him?

What should I do?

See, I broke up with this guy last year . And I loved him A LOT.LIKE A LOT.and it took me an year to get over him. I really missed him .I used to cry and be so bad at everything. .i didn't' give time to him,like that much so he broke up.Although he gave me some other reason,he wants to study is what he said.And I missed him.By the end of this year he heard from some people that I never liked him and gradually he believed it.Now he thinks I am nothing but desperate and I never liked him and I did it fr popularity.no this was not the case

And Now, I'm dating another guy.Who loves me so much and I love him a lot I'm glad I could fall in love again , this thing that my ex regrets dating me and everything bothers me ..And I want to share it with him.i want to tel him that he has these false notions about me.I just wanna speak it out.My friend advised me to do too.I will feel way lighter.In fact my present boyfriend was okay with it too.Should I talk to him after all that ..and its been like an year since we talked.Although we did talk around his birthday near October 201O



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  • Since your boyfriend ok'd it, I would say to go for it. But since you're in another relatioship and everything is going well for you, I would just be cautious with the ex. Just tell him what needs to be said and then leave it at that.

    • Thanks alot,Ill just try it.Ill inbox him tonight.

      Thanks alot.I really needed this

    • No prob, hope it helped! Good luck!

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  • You don't seem to have any opposition in your way, to include your boyfriend, so that's good. With that said, I think you can just take a brief moment to tell him, via however you want, (fb, face to face, phone, text, whatever). And just let him know that you're calling (or w/e) to let him know that you feel bad that people are saying things that aren't true. Just say, "I'm happy with my boyfriend, but I'm not happy knowing that you might be upset from things people are saying. I can't force you to believe me, but the least I can do is apologize for what people are saying, and that I never dated you for popularity and such. I just want you to be happy without me but to do so on a good note."

    Idk however you wanna put it and phrase it, but don't make too much out of it, and if he's still upset, let him be, the last thing you want to do is say things and then get all emotional about it, because then he and others may get mixed messages and start thinking that you still like him or something. So just be careful not to go too far, and respect his decision on the situation. All you can and need to do is voice your say so on the matter, and leave it at that.

    • THANKS A LOT !

      And one more thing.I was kinda worried about.WOULD he feel a bit strange that I outta nowhere and after a lot of months am explainin it to him

      And I totally appreciate your advice .Thanks a ton bud

    • I don't think he'd think it was strange for you contact him, he may be a little surprised but he'll most likely appreciate you contacting him.

    • Thankyou guys,Ill just let you know what happend.

      Ive got enough courage to strike up this conversation now.

      Thanks a lot :)

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