What is his deal? Need an honest answer please.

He came back from Australia after one year of studies abroad. He met with a few of his friends and they decided to go out. At some point, Liam took one of his friend's cell phone and since he had lost all of his numbers he ran through his contact list.

This is when he found Julia's number, She is a girl he once liked (he used to refer to her as his 'ultimate struggle"). He first called her with his friend's cell but she didn't answer. So he took her number and called her a few times again. She didn't reply.

He called her the 2 times during the days that followed as well but she never replied.

So the day before he left (to another country...Again) he sent her a message on fb telling her that he has tried to contact her, he asked her if she remembered hm ( they hadn't spoken in a year). She replied but apparently it sounded like she didn't really care..

He says he's over her but I don't know what to think. Why did he call her? Does he still like her?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, I think he still does. It's quite easy to say that you're over somebody, specially when they don't seem to care about you, but truth be told, it's quite damn hard to get over somebody you've liked for so long (although I don't know how much he used to like her). Personal guess is he's still into her.


What Girls Said 1

  • sounds like he still had a thing for this chick. if he didn't he wouldn't of gone out of his way to get ahold of her. it is possible that her response did make him get over her-or at lest get over trying for her.

    are you asking because you like this guy? you to together? good friends?

    either way- she is now out of the picture. no need to worrie

    • I'm his GF, I know all of this because one of his friends told me about this. I kind of freaked out because he is not the type of guy falls in love easily and I know he really cared about her.

      We haven't been together for long and I'm afraid that if she calls him one day, he won't say no. He's not the cheater type but I feel she's special.

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