Help! I no longer know if I want her back or am just lonely?

It's been 3 months since we split up. She started a seeing a guy straight away. At first I was devastated but stayed strong and did NC. A few weeks ago she text me. She has split up with her b/f. We've had a few text chats and I'm getting the impression she wants something to happen. I think I do to but I don't really know. I'm confused whether I want her back or just whether I missed her so much that I want what we had. How do you know your going into it for the right reasons? I'm so confused and don't want to mess either of us around. We broke up because of distance/schedules so obviously I'm wary how anything will be different. I just don't know what I want or what to do about it?


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  • Dnt go back to a lit firework. It finished for a reason. She only wants you cos she's split with her recent guy. She was probably seeing him while she was with you if you said it wasn't long that she found sum1 else! Just be careful don't seem right...

    • Nope I'm pretty sure she wasn't. He was more a rebound but I have to admit that the thought of this other guy is also affecting my decision!

    • Affecting your descision how! Bad or good way? Just cut all ties with her she's a user by the sounds of it!

What Guys Said 1

  • well do you love her?

    do you care for her?

    aslong as you work at it their won't be a problem with distance.

    message me and I can try and help you the best I can


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