If you caught your boyfriend is cheating by texting other girls,what are you going 2 do?

let say your boyfriend is flirting by texting other girls and at the same time,he's in a relationship with u.what are you going 2 do?he's just flirting and doesn't mean to leave you for other girl.he likes you so much and are willing to do anythng for u.it's just that,he likes to flirt.


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  • I donno if you guys are too serious, but if it is, then I would have a serious talk with him and tell him what you think. Flirting can be one thing, but if he's in a relationshi already, why should he feel he needs to do that? Also, it can turn to sexting...? Because it's over the phone and then the imagination can run wild..I would just be careful and tell him what's up for sure.

  • Dump him or throw down the law!

    I'm territorial, and my man better not flirt with any bitches.


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