Is it good to cut off all contact with an ex?

I'm doing it cause I'm still hurting. He was a f***ing asshole, in subtle ways, all throughout our year-long relationship. Emotionally kind of manipulative, sexually inconsiderate, and utimately deceitful. Now he's emailing me every month, a few times a month, since we broke up about 6 mo ago. (Changed phone numbers because honestly I can't deal with random phone calls from him). Now he's saying he;s having dreams about me, wants to meet for lunch, etc. I f***ing hate him for putting me through such pain, because the sh*t was so subtle, and I'm still young and didn't know that people like this exist. And by people like this I mean people who take advantage of others' weaknesses. I feel like he's gonna show up at my house one day unannounced. Is it unhealthy to cut off all contact with him? I f***ing hate him. So is not speaking to him going to help me let go of my hate? I feel he does not deserve a minute of my time. Help!


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  • If you don't see any future together, and the fact that he didn't treat you well, I don't really see the point or healthiness of staying in contact with him.

    Move on, and with time, you'll be able to forget about him easier.


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