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So recently I've been going out and talking to this girl. We've been on three dates so far. On the second date I bought her something as a girl 2 t-shirts, I also picked her her to take her to work twice, and she even called me on the phone for a ride to a store, to return something. She then told me she wanted to eat, so I took her to eat and we spoke for a while. Anyway on our way back, I popped the question so what are you looking for in a man. She said she's not really looking for anything serious right now, it told her its not about looking for something serious but about knowing what you want in a men. I like to see where things go, and not rush it. But come on, you men to tell me you know wht I want your wasting my time, or using me for free rides. Is it me or does it sounds like she just want to take advantage of me I always tell her I like her , but she never says nothing back. I don't like wasting my time. Sometimes women lead men on and then they act like they don;'t know what's going on, or like they don't know we like them in that sort of way. What should I do orsay I really don't want to be wasting my time with someoneone who doesn't really want anything with me. We haven't even had our first kiss which is truly unbelievable.


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  • Well it is very obvious that you are being used. The next time she asks you for a favor you need to stand up for yourself and say, "sorry I have something going on I can't right now." And continue to do this until she admits to using you and apologies. And I would also say starting right now to start looking for other girls. To me I don't think she will change, some girls just use guys to get what they want, but YOU don't have to be that guy. Stand up and just say no, that is the only way to gain her respect and to get her to stop using you.



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  • Ya I also think chances are she is using you... If she was interested she would at least give you some signs of interest...


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