Guys, My ex has moved on and it’s destroying me?

I broke up with my ex boyfriend 5 months ago, after 11 years, calling of our wedding in the process. We have 2 kids together. I called it off because we weren’t getting along, we spent little to zero qualty time together, we argued constantly and I was just generally unhappy and couldn’t envision the rest of my life playing out like that.

He told me a week ago that he is now seeing another woman and it has destroyed me. I can’t eat, sleep or even breathe. I have been prescribed antidepressants but nothing is helping with the pain.

I stupidly and embarrassing begged him back but has said no, although he has admitted he still loves and misses me and looks at my pictures, the pain I have caused him is too great and he is terrified to go through that again.

What I am basically asking is, is there a chance? Will this new woman turn into anything serious? The thought of them being together and him forgetting about me kills me! Although we have kids I have told him, I can’t see or speak to him for the time being as its too painful so we are going through mutual friends at the moment but its killing me not hearing from him and i’m sat here thinking does he even think of me anymore? Did 11 years and 2 kids not mean anything or not enough that he can jump unto bed with someone else so quickly?

I am mess and I need help!
Guys, My ex has moved on and it’s destroying me?
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