A little help on getting ex back

My ex broke up with me. After a while, she started seeing a new guy. A month later I figured they broke up cause it was a rebound thing and he lives very far from her. She started contacting me a lot and texting a lot too. We spoke on the phone several times. THen she even asked to meet up. So I was sure its over between them 2. I took her out for coffee. It went pretty well, catching up talking etc.. But she told me she is still with the guy. I've read it all wrong I guess. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light and help me out. Thanks.


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  • Don't be "that guy" who's got so little going for him that he waits around to get the sloppy seconds of other guys.

    If she didn't want to be with you before then she's not valuing your very much. And if you're hoping she'll take you back, then YOU'RE not valuing yourself very much.

    Ste back and realize that you're just feeling lonely and rejected. These are temporary feelings... they are NOT your defining characteristics!

    Reconnect with good friends if you're lonely and you'll realize that friends are AWESOME.

    Meet new women if you're horny or need female attention.

    But DO NOT return to where you've once been burned. You deserve better then that!

    ~ Robby

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  • She broke up with you so just leave it be. Move on and find a girl who is worth your time. It sounds like she is just trying to be friendly with you right now. Unless she breaks up with him and makes an effort to win you back, don't waste anymore time or energy on her.

    • I see your point. But what should I do in order for her to break up with him and focus more on me? I mean there must be something..for example, do I agree to hang out with her once a week or talk to her time to time? Or should I date another girl to make her a little jealous?

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  • Well maybe she was lonely (if he lives far away) and was missing you. When she's not speaking to him she's contacting you. Sounds like she wants to be friends but it's all down to whether you want that or not?

    • I really like this girl and would like to date her and be with her. I'm just so confused because the situation is so weird for me. They live very far apart. So they hardly ever meet. But they are in touch with texting. You're right about her being lonely. That's probably why she wants to hang and stuff. But do I say no or do I meet her and take advantage of him not being here and go out to places with her etc.. Try to maker her fall for me again? My friends say to forget about her and ma

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