Will my ex ever contact me again?

My boyfriend and I had to break up when he moved back to his hometown after graduating from college (he went to college in my hometown, and we met at our summer job about a year earlier). He came back to visit me on my birthday a couple months later, and it was like the old flame was rekindled. I tried to kiss him, and he kept his lips still. He told me he wanted to, but that there was someone else.

At this point, he told me that he got back together with this girl he was with before me (he met her at his study abroad program and they broke up when they both had to go back to their respective colleges). I was devastated because it seems hypocritical that he would break up with me because of long distance, and then enter another long distance relationship (this girl is even farther away from him than I am). He did cheat on her with me, though. Later that night on my birthday, he made out with me (even though he resisted the first time). He also made out with me when we saw each other two weeks later at a mutual friend's party (he initiated it and was flirting with me for the duration of the entire party). However, we didn't end up getting back together because he told me that he was confused about what he wanted. He also said that the study abroad girl doesn't treat him well at all and that I always treated him well.

Anyway, a few weeks later, he was back with the study abroad girl, and ever since, they've been in some sort of secretive relationship (meaning they haven't told anyone - I'm guessing he hasn't told his best friends about it because they all were supporters of me and him - and I still hang out with his best friends on a regular basis). He also hasn't talked to me in over four months, and it hurts.

It's so hard to deal with because we didn't break up for any particular reason other than distance. Everything was great - we got along and communicated really well with each other, had a lot of fun, challenged each other on an intellectual level, got along with each others' friends, and the chemistry was most certainly there.

Anyway, my main question is this:

He has pretty much ignored all the messages I've sent him (and I know he has looked at them because he responds to other people), so I stopped initiating contact with him. As I stated before, we haven't talked in months. Why is he ignoring me and throwing away a good thing (setting aside our relationship, we were best friends)? Also, will he ever talk to me again?


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  • YEs! he will talk to you again eventually, just give him the space and time he needs to figure things out, I went through the same thing a few months back and its been 3 months as well, the best thing to do is to NOT do anything. He obviously likes u, but don't be that 'other' girl, for your own good! He isn't responding because maybe your giving him a little too much attention or maybe because he's still hurting, I don't know! but my advise is never contact him again, he will I can almost promise you that.. it might even take another 4 months, that's OK and totally normal, don't freak out, your on his mind! and if he doesn't contact u, and I doubt that but if he doesnt, you are strong and you can get through this, those experiances make us the people we are today! I am going throughh a very painful break up, if your interested check my question out! id appriciate the help you have to offer.. thank you so much for your post! goodluck with this whole thing an God Bless...!


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