Did I ruin everything? I am very much in love with him..

I'm the kind of girl who has a lot of trouble believing anything a guy tells me. he's my ex and we hadn't seen each other in months, he'd however continued to ask for news from me while I was away, I however did not. He did not date other girls even though we clearly weren't together anymore. I did.

We saw each other at a party and he immediately came up to me. He asked me to come over to his house for the night and I said yes. On our way to his place he told me he wanted me to stay, I didn't say anything. We slept together. He asked me to stay again but not directly (he said "were is all of your stuff" as in where should I go get it).

The next day he lend me some of his cloths, cooked lunch of me and we watched movies. Around 4 pm I told him I had to leave, he didn't say a word and acted like he didn't care. All he did was help me put back my dress and apologize for not being able to drive me to the train station because his car was parked at one of his friends house. He asked me if I wanted to stay until he got his car back. I left.

3 weeks later he was dating another girl.
Did I ruin everything? I am very much in love with him..
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