What should I do? I just don't know anymore.

Okay, well there is this guy. We have known each other since 5th grade. (yeah, a long time) We dated but I broke up with up with him for personal reasons. Well, we were like a thing all last year even though we didn't date. We kissed, made out, but I wouldn't give him the sex he wanted. He said it would make our relationship stronger and that he really did love me. Well, I'm still a virgin but now He is dating some girl out of no where. Of course I was jealous. Then his best friend confesses that he like me and asks me out. I said yes but not to get back at my ex but because I had known the guy for about a year and we had been friends too and I really like him to. Well my ex acts like it's nothing but every time he sees me he gets mad. I don't even know why. He has a girlfriend so why should me having a boyfriend matter to him? I really need advice about what I should really do.

Lolz. Me and my boyfriend broke up. because I thought all of our conversations were about my Ex. My ex ended up breaking up with his girlfriend for me. HaHaa, he is now my current boyfriend and we haven't even had one conversation about sex. I'm so happy.


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  • thats sh*tty situation the "sicological" awnser would be that non-intentionaly youu seeked out andother love because you felt your love would not see you unless he seen that your worth more to him than he's willing to exept and he honestly probly just wanted sex . don't give it to him or anoyone DONT just give away you verginity like that its not worth it . trust sex is good but not to give away. ...anyway... he probly dated this other girl thingking that he couldn't have sex with you that you had sometihng or another to hide or didn't like him enought and that's probly somewhere around the lines of the "subcoshious" thoghts that arnt thought aloud . so while he's dateing her he's getting mad at you because he truly does care but is ether not willing to live up to your expectations or doesn't want to be the one that's going to say he can be there for you evan whene he knowshe actuly cant.

    • I like you're response but only half of it. I really didn't get with the other guy to make my ex jealous! That's not the kinda person I am.

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  • OK well obviously he is still mad at you for not dating or having sex with him. And that’s just how guys are although he has a girlfriend he probably still wants your or he just still has not gotten over the fact that you and him will not be together. SN: You are dating his friend. AND there is nothing for you to do you and him most likely will not go back to being the same kind of friends you were before. You should just move on and continue to be nice.

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