I have never had an ex come back for me. Does that mean that I'm not worth it?

I've heard from reading break up stories on here that male exes often come crawling back after a few months. But this has never happened to me! Is there some relationship secret out there that I'm not privy to? haHaha


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  • Here's the secret: nearly all those guys, are morons.

    You break up for a reason: something in the relationship is wrong, or there's something outside the relationship that you can't find inside the relationship. The first is hard to fix, the second, impossible.

    A small minority of the ones crawling back mean to fix the relationship. Most miss the regular *ss, the company, the intimacy. Many have just never figured out how to be single. All will rediscover the very same problems they left behind.

    Now, if you crawl back into a bad relationship, with the same dealbreakers that it had before, and you have no plan to change anything, then you're just a dumb*ss, and your friends will tell you this when you come to cry on their shoulders after you've broken up the second time.


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  • It really depends. I have never had an ex try to come back to me because they have other guys by the time the relationship was over and I don't waste my time chasing after them. I just move on because I know I'm much better than going after someone that doesn't want me. So it depends on the reason of the break up or for that matter the person. If there was someone else, someone want's to be "friends" and the other person doesn't, someone got bored, the sex wasn't good, someone loses attraction. Those are just examples. There's no secret involved, some guys like me figure its a waste of time because girls are chased by guys all the time. Maybe someone has tried to call you or talk to you again and you didn't want them anymore or you already had someone else.

    • Oh, I see. You figure the girl that got away will meet someone new eventually anyway and to save your pride, you figure might as well look for new meat.

    • That's what moving on is. It doesn't make sense to put life on hold or chase someone that doesn't want to be with me when there is someone out there that will appreciate my worth as much as I will appreciate hers. I move on, move forward, and stay positive.

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  • not true at all. exes do not crawl back. this is real life, not a movie.


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