Is it for sure over or what?

Okay so my ex and I broke up around 3 months ago because of long distance and he said it was too hard and he needed to figure himself out. We have been together about 20 months and have done a long distance the year before also. But some how something changed and he said he hated how distance ruins everything and then ended it. I was shocked because he would say how I am too good for him and that he is so lucky to have me and in love and would be amazing together but then he ends it. So I give him space but then less than a month later he is dating someone new... I wait till I am home to call and ask him what is going on... he then goes on to say how good it is with her and she is like a girl version of him and everything. I am like OK but how did you move on so fast he said he just did but then I asked him if he still loves me and if he doesn't just say it ...he was silent and he said he does still love me ... this just frustrates me because it gives me hope but then again I don't know if I should believe in hope. He has been with her almost two months and I don't know what is going on because after I asked him questions he got all rawr at me and said I need to leave him alone because he has made progress with moving on and when I talk to him it takes him steps back... It was bitchy and I just wanted answers and closure. I just don't know what is going on still but I am giving him his space because I feel he is confused and lonely since I am away at school which I understand but it is like he forcing us to move on because of distance but when the only problem was distance it is hard to move on when I can' really say "oh yeah there is someone better out there". There was nothing wrong with him or me. My question is am I right about him not knowing what to do or is he really into this girl and wants me out of his life. Also, he said he went for this girl because he saw an opportunity and took it. Just so confusing. Help!
please like has anyone been in this position and rather be with an ex even if distance sucks?


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  • Even if that is the case you should go ahead and let him do his own thing.


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