Anyone ever just feel like giving up on relationships?

My reasons for feeling this way are I always seem to end up in the friend zone. I'm honest about my intentions and all that but it always seems to happen. Guess I'm too nice.

I'm just wondering if anyone else has felt this way? Not necessarily for the same reasons.

Sorry not friends zone, just seems no one has a romantic interest in me.


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  • you can read the stories in my profile about being in the friend zone, and lets just be friends, also if you are up front with your intentions then how do you end up in the friend zone?

    • I honestly don't know I guess they just lose interest. Damn shame.

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    • Well nothing on purpose I guess, any suggestions? I'm open to try anything once.

    • well, yeah, there is a lot you can do, start by thinking about what kind of emotions you create in a woman with the things that you do and say to them, the emotions you want to aim for are attraction, lust, desire, connection, comfort, safety, I bet you probably have comfor, safety and maybe even connection down, now it's time to think about the other ones

  • im prepared to be single my hole life so your not the only one. Just going to go to war and get shot up.

    • Honestly your more likely to lose a limb in a explosion, not a good reason to go to war.

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    • I have thought about joining the army, and I only have a few close friends myself and most are away at college. But as I see it your more likely to meet people here not in some foreign country. Just my opinion though, best of luck to ya.

    • join the army if you don't want anyone to care about you

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