How can I get my ex back when it seems as though she doesn't care at all?

I meet my ex on a euro trip back in April, and honestly it happened like it was a movie. long story short we became really close and a month after we started talking I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. The first three months that we were together were amazing and we didn't even argue once and really just enjoyed each others company. We both lost our virginity to each other. After three months though I had to leave for college, and she was still in high school. We had a serious talk before I left for college and we both decided that we wanted this relationship to last no matter how hard it may be. I came home every other weekend and sometimes 3 weekends in a row, just to see her. The day I moved to my dorm she came with my family and wrote my the sweetest letter and literally cried in my arms for 20 minutes. We were both in love and nothing seemed to be stopping us. But then I noticed that her texts started taking longer and longer to arrive and even at one point got so bad that we would send 8 texts on one day. I realized something was wrong but when I asked her about it she said nothing was wrong. Also after college our sex life kind of just died and that was another thing that kinda bothered me. Come Thanksgiving break we had stopped talking for a bit because to me she just didn’t care and needed space so I gave it to her. Over break we hung out and everything seemed to be going better than ever, I even went with her to her cousins wedding and she introduced me to her family as her boyfriend. A week after the wedding she texts me after I had a little fit about our lack of a sex life that she doesn’t think we have much of a future together. Keep in mind we have never really gotten into an argument, and the day before she ended it with me she said she loved me, and wanted to stay with me. After she said that it was over I didn’t text her and let her be, I only talked to her once and that was to apologize for being so pushy with the sex thing. The worst part of everything though was two weeks after she broke up with me it was my birthday and she was supposed to come up and see me, which is something that we were discussing a couple days before she broke up with me. She was nice enough to text me but that was it. Come winter break I wrote her the nicest letter I could write and she never even responded and I only got to talk to her the next day because I saw her at a concert. When I talked to her she said she doesn’t love me anymore and just doesn’t care about anything we ever had, she also got pretty angry when I asked her about it. And now I hear that she has already hooked up with multiple guys less than a month after we broke up. I don’t know what to do, I want her back more than anything but I’m pretty sure she’s gone forever. I need help with ideas as to what I can do, I asked to remain friends but she never talks to me, however she does show interest in me finally being able to drive my car. I know that it’s probably best I move on, but after thinking about it for a month I’ve decided that I’d rather have her back and will do anything it takes!


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  • Awww your the sweetest guy in the world I wish there was more guys like you out there >_<..yeah after me nd my boyfriend broke up I was heart broken I thought I wuld die an I culdnt sleep without thinkin of him or imagine me life without him it hurt so much..but I promise you with time u'll heal its a fact ...but if you want he bk ahh that a bit difficult..well you guys seemed to really love each other nd you guys lasted md have had many great memories together so dnt think she's not thinkin of you because trust me she is..she just may have been sad when you left nd she kinda lost the spark when you were gone..And so she started thinkin it wasn't gona work..well just give her time I say..let her come to you when she's ready dnt text her or anythin no matter how hard it is..she'll start wonderin how your doing nd what your up to nd she'll contact for the guys she's sleeping with there just rebounds trust me nothin like love mayb just lust because she feels empty that your not there anymore ..nd if you guys do get close again nd start talkin let her kno how you feel nd if she really wants to throw away everythin you guys had nd if she doesn't seem to want to make it work again its her loss trust me you sound so super sweet any girl wuld b beyond lucky to have u! Nd she' ll regret letting the best thing walk out of her life..

    • The problem with that is that she treats me as though I never existed. It's kinda sad, because I don't even know why she is treating me like that, and I don't think I did anything wrong in the relationship except maybe be a little clingy when college came around, and that was probably only because I didn't know how to handle the long distance relationship. It kills me to know that she apparently hasn't even mentioned me once since we broke up... like I never existed

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    • I sent you a friend request :)

    • :O message me I don't know which one you are >_< lol

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  • Wow, tough story..sounds like she's on a rebound, so you can get her back. But you're doing something that's pushing her away. This guy can turn things around for you => link


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