Would you get turned off by a crooked back?

would guys care if a girl had an ugly crooked back? I have scoliosis and am rather self conscious about what others think. I mean what if I decide to get intimate with my boyfriend and he gets turned off ? );


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  • Don't worry about it. They don't even notice. Trust me. I have scoliosis too, and I'm saying this from experience. My curve is pretty bad, I'm having an operation in 10 days, and for a curve that's that bad, my body is still pretty straight and up until now, any male friend/relative that I've told hadn't noticed until I pointed it out.


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  • nope if I loved you it wouldn't matter


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  • I Have Scoliosis Too, Not Too Bad. But Most Guys Don't Notice, And If They Do And ARE Turned Off By It They Aren't Worth It. You Shouldn't Be Doing Anything With A Guy Who Doesn't Love You Anywhoo.


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