Tell me what goes on in a boy's mind, if he notices his ex girlfriend is gone suddenly from his life?

I know it depends of every guy, I just curious... you can answer anything that through in your mind :))

thanks ^^


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  • Worst thing ever...going through that now. Think about her everyday...still hope of getting back together and always will, even if it doesn't seem so. Even though she left me and pushed me away out of her life, when everything was perfect between us. What's going through my mind? Regret, depressed, questioning why, worrying about everything else, physically getting sick. Was never like this, and never thought I would be. But yea, maybe that's just me...I don't know.

    • thank you for answer... its really helping me at least to know what is in your (boys) mind :)

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    • He pretty much summed it up. I feel the same way about my ex. We haven't spoke to each other in months and I still think about her everyday even though I know that I shouldn't. I have tried getting on with my life.. Keeping myself busy with school, work, friends, hobbies... It just that every time there is a moment to think... she comes up. She basically had given me one of the happiest and saddest moments in my life. Not to sound too pessimistic tho, I know things will turn around soon :)

    • @eskimo: thanks for share your feeling ^_^ yeah I still remember and I will remember all my sweet, sad, crazy moment with him, cause it will makes me smile each time I thinking about it. :)) I hope he do the same too... I hope he still remember me ^^

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  • It depends on what she meant to him and who broke up with whom. Obviously, it'll be harder to take if the person breaks up with you and cuts you off completely. Did she love me? How can she live me so easily...

    But if I break up with someone and she decides that it's too hard to talk to me or see me, I'll understand and give her her space.

    • Thanks for answer :)

    • Yea thts true , like me I broke up with this chick and I did care for her but I forgot about her in like 2 days not to sound rude , but now my current girl is diff because I do love her and she seems to love me but we are not together so it's hard to forget someone you love like the girl I love after she broke up with me I gave her her space and all of the sudden she texted me asking how I was and if I wad taken so I'm guessing she miss me I don't know not sure but yea lol I hope my answer helped .

    • @Kathy890000: yeah its so hard to forget people that ever comes into your life and give you so much memory :))

  • I'm happy. I can forget people within a week if I don't see them...thanks for speeding up the process =p

    • I appreciate your answer because I know every guy has different point of view about relationship/break-up... some guy is can easily to forgot, some is hard :)

  • you kinda think that the girl had her chance and blew it. so I don't really care that much, their loss.

    • ok nice :) thanks for answer

  • If he loves you he is devestated.

    • and what do you think if I came back to his life?

      thanks for answer ^^

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  • Im not a guy, obvously lol, but I can tell you what is going through my ex's mind. Relief. Of course, he broke up with me, and now we hate each other. I was calling him a lot and we had a terrible terrible relationship. Toxic really on both of us. So now, he tells me, he feels relief that he no longer needs to put up with me. But like you said...depends on the guy. It'd be nice if they all got sad and depressed like most girls, but that just isn't so sadly.

    • I am sorry to know about your terrible realtionship and you both hates each other now :(

      you're right sometimes girl wants they can feel what we feel... but some guy is even don't care about it and just leave it like nothing happen...

    • absolutely true. I have a guy friend who broke up with his ex for very good reasons, yet he is so heartbroken about it. they were engaged and he got really attached to her son (from another guy). he says he feels so bad for the son because they were buddies(the boy was only 3 years old). personally, I think if a guy is heartbroken, especially if they did the breaking up, that means there was TRUE love for the girl. if not (like my ex), there obviously was no luv. secretly, I still love my ex :(

    • I have been thinking that too, he will sad, heartbroken then realize that don't ever letting go the girl that trully care and love him.

      I did disappear from his life suddenly just because I want him to appreciate something that he will regret to lose. cause you will never realize what you have until its gone.

      yeah me too, I still love my ex but I don't know about him :(

      I hope your ex will remember how love you are, someday and somehow :))

  • The same thing that goes through a girl's mind. If a guy disappears from your life you start to wonder what he's up and why you haven't seen him... as time goes on you start to wonder more and more. It can really drive someone crazy.

    • thank you for nice answer ^_^

  • How about you how would you feel if suddenly the person you love goes away From your life ?

    • firstly I will feel so sad, broken, confused, and wondering why he can leave me like this way?! I even doesn't know how to answer your question... I am wordless. I can't imagine if he leave me SUDDENLY... but that's what I did to him :((

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