What is your opinion on chemistry as opposed to 'clicking'?

My ex girlfriend after dating for 9months said we clicked well together but didn't have chemistry... I think she's full of it. When we dated we got along great emotionally, intimately, and physically. When we broke it off she gave her ex another shot. Why all this sudden b.s. about not having chemistry, could it be related to her wanting to get back with the ex or did we really not have chemistry cause I sure felt it and I know she did to. Would you girls date a guy for 9months while not having chemistry with the guy you were dating, it makes no sense?


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  • a relationship based on chemistry is not going to be successful. at all. chemistry is a bunch of fluff. this amazing, much-sought-after experience of "falling in love" is equated with overwhelming feelings that discount reason, background, shared interests, or compatibility. that last statement comes from a book written by Chip Ingram called Love, Sex and Lasting Relationships. I highly recommend it. it is the best book on dating/relationships that I have ever read, and believe me... I have read A LOT of relationship books :)


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  • Chemistry to me is having that unspoken connection, affection, and admiration for one another. Not just getting along but having that common bond that both want the same things from one another. You can click with friends as well as who you share chemistry with, but having chemistry with someone you click well with is harder. Its one of those things like love. You can love someone then your can be IN love with someone. Its just a deeper connection between two people that are harder to separate.

  • it probably was an excuse to dump you for her ex.

    • What is your opinion tho on my first q tho

    • chemistry is lust-you just want them because they are super hot to you

      clicking is better, you want them because you get along and undestand each other. CLicking is better at relationship building and should help you to develope a more strong tie to the other person. That's what I think. I don't know what else to tell you.

    • That's a good answer you onto something. I just get confused cause everyones opinion on this subject varies

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  • Sorry bud but I think she just wanted her ex back.

    It's possible she's telling the truth though. Women can smile in your face but secretly be bored, hurt, emotionally disconnected, etc. You never know unless they tell you.

    • They can be foul creatures indeed

    • I'm currently dealing with this situation but I have full intentions of working through it.

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