Meaningful casual relationships?

I'm sure they are possible but how do I go about achieving them?

Like if I said to a girl

"I really like you but sadly I won't be here for long so I want to make the most of our relationship while I'm still here"

Would that work? (I haven't tried it yet and I want to see if there's a right way to go about it before field testing random things and ending up with nothing)

See In my quest for the one I don't just want the sex I want to be able to have the beautiful feelings associated with the surrounding it, maybe like she's a girlfriend with a time frame. See as much as I love sex and whatnot, I don't just wanna keep hooking up and end up meaning nothing to the girls and vice versa.

So basically how do I get casual yet meaningful relationships?


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  • just like anonymous said, let them know what you want. but since you're the guy you should definitely expect to get shot down more. most girls aren't in for that type of stuff:) don't give up, though:)

  • I had a few casual relationships, I just let them know that we are only cuddle buddies and that I like their company but that's all we are. And I talk to them about the other 20 guys I am also cuddling with. Not having sex with any of them, and also just casually seeing them. Until I found the one and married him. He's the only guy I had sex with. But yeah, just let them know the deal and see what they say.

    • i think its much easier for a girl to be like hey, lets just be this way because guys are like awh yeah, no strings attatched. that's all they want. I'm not downing you in anyway, just saying its easier for girls:)

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