She doesn't love me anymore? WHAT DO I DO?

I have been dating my girlfriend for about a year, and I feel miserable lately.
She seems disinterested, tries to avoid me, doesn't message me first anymore, and whenever we are together she complains about head aches, and just wants to sleep
She also stopped coming on to me sexually. We haven't had sex in over a month. and the last few times we did it, she seemed totally disinterested. So I stopped initiating
Its like she wants nothing to do with me

She is very busy lately. she has finals, and exams, and is applying to grad school. So I have been holding on, hoping maybe things get better once her semester ends.
I really care about her and love her, but I want to break up with her, she just makes me miserable, and I can't express this to her because I am afraid it will effect her studies and I dont want to be the reason she fails.

I am hoping this will pass, do you think it will? or is our relationship over?


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  • Wait until finals are over and talk to her. When I was in school and prepping for finals it was draining in every way possible. School itself is draining but as the semester winds down its not just finals due but it's also assignments and reading and study groups and everything else. I shut everybody out when I feel overwhelmed so maybe she's just overwhelmed also.

    • I kind of got that feeling. That she is overwhelmed.
      I am really supportive, but its like she doesn't even appreciate me
      I pick her up from work every day, drive her to campus, and I am helping her pay rent.
      It makes it this much harder for me because I am so invested in her

      Thanks for the advice, I will try to not let it get to me

    • I know it's difficult, the way I see it is you are that constant in her life, the thing that doesn't change and will be there, I know it may sound like she's taking advantage of you, and maybe she is but being in school isn't just a part of life it's your whole life (for me it was anyway, I graduated nursing school and even professors said the program should be extended by at least a semester because it's so content heavy) so friends and family and outside of school relationships were put on the back burner and that wasn't intentional its just I literally had no energy, time or motivation to make them thrive.

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  • If u are too scared to speak to her about the issue this is not the relationship for you in the first place

    • I am scared it will effect her grades.
      I want to have this discussion with her, thats why its killing me. I just dont want her to fail because of me.

      I am going to talk to her after finals are done.

    • Then all u can do is wait

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  • Be loving and get to the bottom of why she is having these headaches and offer to help.
    When things cool down with her finals, talk with her and see what you both need to be happy again.
    I see separate lives in front of me. Ask her if this is what she really wants?

    • She could be hinting it.

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    • We are a couple, we have been together for a year, but were friends before and we dated for a few months before entering a relationship

    • If you are unhappy and you don't se any other way, take a break for now. Or just cut loose. But may times, the couple go back again or something else with a break up.

  • I gotta say, it's not looking good. Just sit down with her and ask her. It won't affect her exams - if she's lost interest, it will make her feel more free.

    • I thought about this, She does make it seem like she can't be bothered with me, which really sucks
      She doesn't even want to sleep over my place on the weekends anymore.

      Thanks for the advice. I will try and figure out whats best for us

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  • It's dead. Your young there will be more. Be grateful and move on

    • I think I will. Thanks for the no nonsense advice.
      I am gonna try and not let her affect my attitude, for the next couple weeks, then I will probably end things.

    • Plus the only thing that might jolt her back to old times is the thought of losing you. Some women change some don't

    • Yeah, I thought about breaking up with her, just to see if she has a reaction
      She has been so emotionless the last 2 months.
      If she shows she cares, i think there might still be something there|
      if not I will move on

      thanks for the advice

  • Has she went somewhere else for sex as this pulls usually a sign

  • Straight up ask her

    • I am worried it will lead to a break up
      I am not afraid of breaking up with her. I am afraid of this causing a distraction for her before her exams.

      I think I will ask her after her exams...

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