Guys: if you screw her over, and she cuts you right off, do you want her back?

If you do something low to a girl and she cuts you right off and doesn't speak to you and basically acts like you don't exist and isn't a pushover about it, will that make you want her back, would that make you think about her and try and catch her again?


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  • It depends if I care for the girl. Most guys are stubborn and will not care. If I knew the girl was acting this way to make me feel bad than I would just not talk back to her. Make it seem like I don't care about her to get her back.

  • That depends what I did to her to p*ss her off. If I came in her ass like she told me not to, then yeah she'd be upset, but still I wouldn't apologize for it. Just laugh it off.

    • yah, you sound like the prime boyfriend!

    • that's why I'm single, baby. I'm not boyfriend material, just fork buddy material.

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