I broke up with my girlfriend?

I broke up with my girlfriend recently. Part of me feels free of stress and obligation. But the other part of me is sad that the relationship ended. It was a mutual break up, we decided to wait so we could cool off. I still really like her, but she's lost interest in me. Should I move on or wait a while to see if cooling off is what we needed. If I do move on, how long should I wait until I look for another girlfriend?


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  • I believe that you can actually do both: if you really care about her, trust me, even if you don't want it, you will still wait for her, hoping that it's gonna cool off.

    However, you can still be all flirty with other girls...after all you guys are not together anymore.

    Still I advise you to not date anyone too soon: first of all, another girlfriend is not the thing that will make you forget about your ex. And most important, if you're going to date anyone a week after your break-up, you will never find out if it was about to work between you and your ex girlfriend (and I assume you would not like this situation to happen ;) )



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