Was this wrong of me to do this?

My ex boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me its been about 4 months he still stays in contact 11 days is the longest we didn't talk. He never changed his address so he comes and gets mail. We have bills in both are names and 3 dogs and it is very hard too split them up we have tried but they just get to sad there like our kids. Well I told him can we talk about us and he was like OK so I asked if he wanted to start dating again and he said I do but I don't. We went bowling together and talked for a little while. He told me he worked to much to be in a relationship and he said he would think about it. He text me and said I don't want to be with anyone right now but we can b friends and I told him I can't be friends with someone I love its just to hard to do and he said we have bills we have to stay in contact I told him no we don't this is due at end of month we don't need to and I told him to stop this emotional hold he has on me. Do you think it was wrong of me to tell him I can't be his friend I think it was just hurt me more if I did.


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  • That's not necessarily wrong, in fact usually the opposite. It sucks as a guy to hear it, but hey sometimes that's what you need to do. If I were you I would just tell him to take it or leave it, he can either try to work things out with you again... or you are done altogether. That might make him think about it and get the guts to realize hey I don't want to lose this girl

    • Thx I told him and he said I will come get my dog and be out of your life.

    • Well that is unfortunate, but at least you tried your best to make it work, the friends thing can be complicated, and usually ends up being more stress than is nessisary.

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