Could it be one of the reasons he left?

When things first started to change between me and my ex, I asked him what was going on and he said that his aunt told him that I wasn't as pretty as his brother's girlfriend and then he told me that if I could loose about 20kg, he would marry me in an instant. I weigh about 98kg, (which I know is alot) He eventually left me for his ex. If my weight was such an issue to him (which he told me wasn't), why did he get involved with me and even have sex with me? Could it have been one of the reasons he left or was that just an excuse to make me mad so that I could end the relationship so that he wouldn't feel guilty to go and be with his ex? ( I am now working hard to loose the weight, but I am doing it for me and so that it wouldn't be an issue in my next relationship)


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  • What's weird is that he went back to his ex, he sounds like he's in some sort of rebound or he's just trying to get your attention.


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  • How long was your relationship? Do you feel any kind of love from him (as in sincere love)? You're the one who ended it, how did he react? And, did he suddenly went back with his ex RIGHT AFTER you broke up?

    --My weight was also a concern for me, about 4 months ago. I weight 135 pounds back then. I lose about more than 20 pounds. I weight about 112 pounds now. 51 kgs. 37 inches in my waist back then, 28 now. :) lose that fast in only 1 month, I have been maintaining it for 4 months. try coffee with garcinia cambogia. it's really effective. :)

    • We were together for 8months. The love I felt was sincere and I gave him all of me. I didn't end the relationship, he did and then went back to his ex, she came into the picture, about I think a month ago, that is when I found out they were in contact with each other, when he ended it he said that he loved me but not enough to be with me and he was confused. I am using a diet shake and excersing to loose the weight and it is working lost about 10kg so far. Thanks & good luck!

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