My boyfriend keeps contacting his ex? boyfriend of one year now over the last couple months slowly started contacting / talking to his ex started with him "checking in" to see how things were doing with her and her dog...mind you they have been separated for three years now and she has a boyfriend / lives in another state. He told me she was first women he has ever loved. When I first met him he always had something negative to say about her...often. Now he is taking the time to tell her about his life and new things he is doing,...he even added her brother to his facebook. She was recently in town visiting her parents and he wanted to take her to dinner...he even said something about thinking she still likes him...but then thinking she did not! Am I crazy? or is this all signs he is not over his ex? My intuition is going nuts / women please advise!


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  • He is definitely not over her. The best thing to do is leave him, so he can think by himself. He seems really excited that his ex is coming to town. Its best to leave him.

  • maybe he is not over her. You should ask him if he had a choice would he choose you or her. And if she was available would he choose her? If he says he will choose her over you then you should let him go.

    She has a boyfriend? LIves in another state?

    wow I have a fear of this with my husband too. He talks about his ex all the time and it bothers me although they have been seperated for 6 years and she has been with someone new since then and lives in CA and we don't. But he talks about her so much... and it annoys the hell out of me so I sort of understand what you are feeling a bit.

    Well I think you should just ask him and tell him you don't want to waste time on him if he doesn't really love you and still has strong feelings for his ex. THen you should just leave him so he can be alone with his thoughts of his ex. I keep telling myself the same thing, and I ask him about his ex all the time!

    Well anyways... my guy hasn't contacted his ex in years so I think they are over... and he said his ex treated him bad and cheated on him.

    what did your guy's ex do? why did they break up? are there any reasons you should be worrying that he will drop you for her? SInce it seems she has a boyfriend and lives in another state, it seems he probably won't. does he and his ex have very different lifestyles? that can help you realize that him and his ex aren't good for each other.

    my guy is a stay at home guy who likes to just play video games. his ex was the type to always go to bars, clubs, and raves. so that's why they didn't get along so much. she liked dancing and club music. He couldn't dance, and liked to stay home watch a movie and listen to classical music.

    maybe those kinds of things will help you realize that they aren't meant to be together and he is better off with you. You can try to figure it out and helpl yourself to be more at peace with him and his ex. I still need to do it too because my guy talks about his ex all the time. I don't kow what is wrong with him..

    well good luck

    I don' know what else to tell you


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