Why does my ex still looks at me and even sometime shows up in places he knows I am at,but doesn't talk to me?

So I broke up with my ex before school started because I found out that to my opinion he did not care about me...And well when I came back to school he was standing by the library and stared at my group when my eyes were the way I could look at the library and I could see him looking at me he started texting my friend and well if I wasn't looking the way of the library he would turn his back on me like I turned my back on his.My friend texted him saying that I was over him (I am but I am not at the same time) he said he didn't care...To me it means he moved on I guess.But I realized that every time I was somewhere or going somewhere it had to happen that he was there and he was starring at me I realized that he was really starring at me the day I went to my friends locker and his locker his right by hers he wasright there he starred at me and his locker like he was confused about making a choice of what to eat between hamburger on one side or pizza on the other.Try to talk to me? I don't know but another thing that got me suspicious was during science. He use to never show up during science and since I broke up with him he was there every day this week. even better he use to show up in art I do not have art and he use to go there everyday now he never... he told his friend some lie about me too saying that apparently I asked him out which I did not... his friend was nice enough to tell me what he said about me. The last thing I can think of about this week is the way he reacted when I told my friend that I like someone else.The minute I said it he was starring at me for a minute or so. I think that after that he realized I'm trying to move on and so should he. I want to stay friends with him but I certanly do not want to go back with him. So well like I said he will look at me but he doesn't talk to me at all. It kinda kills me to just see him but totally ignores me like I was some stranger walking down the street beside him. I don't have the courage to just go up and talk to him because maybe he hasn't moved on or he is mad at me which I wouldn't understand why since he is the one that hurted me maybe I did by dumping him but I have a reason why I did it. so well I hope I helped you answer my question I really need an answer I need to know if he has moved on or if I'm still the pray in his list or maybe if even maybe he did cared about me but didn't have a REAL relationship before I don't know what goes in guys brain so maybe someone knows what goes in his... by the way also he has a bad reputation at school around girls he is like a D-bag to girls but why does he keep starring at me when I'm around him?

So well I thought of it and maybe I will let things go it's on path if he has a reason to be in my life he'll come back I guess but I don't think I want to keep trying hurting myself thinking thanks for your help


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  • Probably means he is not over you.

    • If he hasn't moved on why does he keep ignoring me and always seems to look mad?

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    • well he texted me today and today he didn't seem mad I think he finally moved on and was not mad at me which is kinda mean since he hurted me first by using me well I just need to get my friendship with him back on track but I'm not sure to know how ny suggestion?

    • i might not be such a good person to ask for advice in being friends with ex's. Personally, I don't talk to my ex's, although some part of me really wants to.

      But if I were to talk to them, I would say to talk to him like any other friends. Don't be especially flirty towards him because that might make him think you want to get back together. That might be hard though because you two had history.

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