Has anyone ever been cheated on?

I have been cheated on and I want to know what other people have done in that situation? I know most probably ended the relationship but I have chose to stay. I want to hear from people who have stayed and how it has been working out or haven't been working out for them!


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  • i have been cheated on, at least once. I didn't know when we broke up (he lived in conroe I live in humble and he used to visit his dad who lives a few streets from em and we would hang out and then he ignored me for 2 months to dump me without sayin it) and now I have a wonderful boyfriend whom I love very much and who loves me and the irony here is that I met my boyfriend through my cheating ex. my boyfriend is my ex's friend lol they don't talk no more (I think cause of me?) and yeh lol hows that for a backfire hahaha


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  • no one should ever stay.

    it just confirms that the other person can get away with cheating.

    if they do it once they are highly likely and almost guaranteed to do it again.

    even if they don't actively think "i just got away with cheating, I'm going to do it again"

    when they do consider it they will remember, they got away with it last time, it may even help rationalise the cheating


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  • Yep, all my relationships ended because they cheated on me. I never stay with them or even give second chances when the truth comes out because the way I see it if you cheat on me you obviously don't care, love, or respect me. Plus once you lose my trust, you lose me.


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